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Due to the current global situation, Dan Zhu Arts Academy 2020 will be postponed to the Summer 2021. For further information, please contact us:
We welcome musicians from all over the world to participate and experience this unique and creative training program.

Music is the first expression of emotions and passions from the heart. It is not only the harmony of the audible notes, it is life itself, in nature, colors, movements, structure… By playing, loving and hearing music one developes one’s personality. 

We welcome musicians from all over the world to participate this intensive training program through this creative approach in its unique environment, based on each individual talents, which will not only help to improve individual playing skill, more important to broaden their musical horizons. Through the violin and piano master classes accompanied by seminars of other art forms, we will discover the power of sound, the influences and inspirations from different type of arts, which connect and enrich one’s musical expressions in performance and beneficial to life.

During this course, we will offer the selected participants daily individual lesson and open master class, led by world renown artists, focus on both the training with classic repertoire and to discover the soulful freedom in expressing music from on and off the stage.

We are looking forward to explore together with you the inspiring world of music making!

Benefits of the program:
  • Discovering the freedom and sensitivity through music expression
  • Integration of balanced mental, emotional, and physical states in performance
  • Nurturing the artistic and creative playing
  • Developing the awareness and intuition
  • Encouragement on the individual personality
  • Improvement of the technical ability and flexibility in the instrumental playing

Application Requirements

  • Biography
  • Video recording of recent performance
    (approximate 20 minutes, with two contrasting style of works or separate movements)
  • Open to all age groups

This program is also open to all music and art lovers, including non-music professionals. We highly recommend the family members of participants (under the age of 15) to be involved in all the classes and activities together.


World-renowned pianist, considered as one of the most important artists of his generation. His acclaimed international solo career has taken the collaborations with major orchestras of Berlin, London, New York, Paris, St. Petersburg, and with distinguished conductors. During the academy, he will be guiding the master class and individual lessons in piano and chamber music. more

Violinist, Artistic director

Through his career of performing in solo and chamber music worldwide, and teaching at various international institutions and prestigious festivals, he will be leading the participants in individual lesson, ensemble playing, and violin master class seminar during the academy. more

Violinist, pedagogue

Besides her active performing career, Ms. Kuret has been dedicating her passion towards violin teaching and reviving the traditional cultures of the world through the sound vibrations. Participants will be taken to their inner beings and discovering the power of the sound and its effects on physical and mental bodies through her teaching. more

Professor, Method of Fractal Drawing

Ph.D. and full professorship at the Department of Textile, Graphics and Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. A recipient of the Level 1 Fractal Method of Diagnosis and Correction of Human Condition Certificate, which she received directly from the author of the method, and she is a representative of Slovenia in the International Association for the Development and Dissemination of the Fractal Method “Projection”. Using the Fractal Drawing Method, Deja proved to herself that the boundaries of what is possible could be moved. more

Professor, Non-Conceptual Vocal and Gestural Expression

After the training that led Helena to her doctorate and academic status as a university lecturer and researcher in the field of graphic and information technology and audiovisual communication media, she discovered that professional and personal life was always accompanied by an inseparable companion. This accompaniment is a non-conceptual vocal and gestural expression and the purest and most authentic form of expression of herself. Initially, it was quietly integrated into everyday life as a form of spontaneous singing and gestures “without meaning”. more


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